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Paying for Care

Funding and Planning Advice for Nursing Home or Residential Care


Moving into a Care Home can be a fraught and difficult time for all those involved and it is imperative that specialist advice in all areas of care-funding is obtained.


Jacobs Financial Ltd, as Chartered Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs), based in Ilkley, (Leeds/Bradford), West Yorkshire, provides dedicated long-term care funding advice through its specially qualified advisers.  We collaborate by working closely and sensitively with all key family members to help with their need to make the right decisions, based on their own family's individual circumstances.  We can help you in the following areas:




To fully understand the local authority assessment criteria for long-term care.

Obtain any funding you might be entitled to from the local authority, health authority or DWP Benefits Agency.

Recommend funding alternatives to meet personal needs and objectives.

Care Fee Planning


The main aim of our service is to enable elderly people to meet their care costs for life whilst, as far as possible, preserving their original capital, independence and ability to leave an inheritance.


Care Fee Annuity products can deliver the certainty of a regular income to meet fees over the long-term.  These plans are fully underwritten based on your age and health and normally cost considerably less than traditional annuities.   This is because, in needing care, you are deemed as having an impaired life; the income is also tax-free if paid directly to the Care Home.   These Care Fee Annuity plans can also increase the income by 5% compound per annum for as long as the care is required.    They can also be capital-protected so that money is returned to the estate in the event of an early demise.


Our service will also look at the capital available and make recommendations for secure investments which may pay sufficient income to subsidise the cost of the care fees.  Where appropriate, the mitigation of inheritance tax will be considered.


In recommending the appropriate advice for meeting care costs, you will be provided with a comprehensive report on how best to proceed.


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