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Company Pensions

For employees, pensions are a benefit they now desire and rely upon after their working lives come to an end.  Thus, putting in place the right pension solution is one of the most important but difficult tasks faced by an employer.


The poor track record and negative publicity related to pensions make employees more sceptical about investing in company schemes, and creates doubt and confusion in the minds of employers who want to provide value for money and security in old age for their staff.


Your current scheme may have been in place for many years and it could be beneficial for you to ‘switch’ it to a modern ‘state of the art’ arrangement.  The potential benefits would be:













The Jabobs Financial approach to group pensions is designed to help the employer assess the needs of his company and find the right solutions for both the business and its staff.  We take account of all aspects of the benefits package and our proposition enables us to offer a dedicated, ongoing service.


If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please contact us at:

improved administration and access to technology

improved member communication and access to information


improved choice of investment funds

common plan design throughout the membership

potential improvements on plan charges for monies transferred over to the new arrangement.