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Employer Service

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Faced with low levels of unemployment and a chronic shortage of experienced personnel, employers must use all forms of competitive advantage to boost recruitment and help retain existing staff.  A well-constructed employee benefit programme can pass on the image of an employer as being innovative and empowering.


Jacobs Financial, as Chartered Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) offers a dedicated team that provides advice on a range of employee benefit service, including pensions, group life, income protection, critical illness and private medical insurance.


Your employee benefit needs and objectives are best attained in association with specialist partners such as Jacobs Financial. We offer you the following:

We can help you determine the correct benefits strategy, taking into account your location, competitor benchmarking, and employee demographics.  As a starting point, it is sensible to appraise the existing benefit structure and test whether it is still appropriate to your current and future needs.


Our Review examines your existing employee benefit package and evaluates them in light of your needs as an employer.  It is designed to assist you to provide:-



The days of communicating benefits simply by the staff handbook and on induction are over!  We can help you plan and execute a well thought out and comprehensive plan, utilising the most appropriate methods of communication, such as:


If you would like to know more about the services we offer, please contact us at:

As an employer, an ongoing review of your employee benefits proposition is key to your ability to attract and retain the best employees in an increasingly tough jobs market.


Employee benefits are becoming increasingly important in relation to recruitment, retention and staff motivation:-



Understanding of your needs 



The struggle to strike a balance between your wish to operate a better employee benefits programme and your budget is always very much in our thoughts when putting forward our proposal.


We aim to provide a consistently reliable service, with prompt and timely responses.  As a mature business with a solid track record, we provide employers with peace of mind - not least where claims-handling is concerned.  We prefer to keep things simple wherever possible and jargon-free.


Our approach is designed to help you assess the needs of your company and ensure the right solution is found for both business and staff.  We take account of all aspects of the benefits package and our proposition enables us to offer a dedicated, on-going service.


Branding and Communication

It is important that your employees clearly understand what benefits you are providing them with, how they operate and the value of the company’s investment in them.


There is no point having a good benefits package if it is not communicated properly to the employees.  By ‘branding’ your benefits package you can treat your employees as consumers and: 


an Employee Benefits package that is appropriate to the status of your staff

an Employee Benefits package that suits your employee demographics

a competitive edge when recruiting

better employee retention

a range of benefits that matches the needs of your employees

an enhanced corporate culture

Improved communication in order to obtain greater employee appreciation of the true value of their benefits package.

web; implement a web system that allows you to model the available options. Employees are more likely to review their benefits options online

group presentations; will maximise interest and take-up of an existing or new scheme

One-to-one meetings; facilitating access to specialist advisers, such as ourselves, will help underline the value of any financial benefits and help employees to make the right decision

benefit Open Days;

email, SMS/text message campaigns;

payslip messaging;


branded merchandising (pens, mugs, USB sticks etc);


screensavers with countdown to launch.


reflect and reinforce the value of the business;

differentiate your organisation from competitors;

create a strong, distinctive and attractive identity to which current and potential employees connect;

maximise the value of your investment in benefits.