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Jacobs Financial is a firm of Chartered Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) who provide wealth management advice to private clients.


Financial Planning


The financial planning process consists of several steps that help clients take a “big picture” look at where they are financially. Using these steps, we can help clients work out where they are now in relation to what they may need in the future, and what they must do to reach their goals.


The process involves:

Gathering relevant financial information.


Setting life goals and planning for key events - for example, marriage, buying a new home, having children and retirement; as well as those unexpected, stressful ones that often prompt a reassessment of financial priorities, like bereavement or redundancy

Analysing and evaluating your current financial status and financial planning strategies


Establishing and implementing a strategy or plan of how you can meet your goals, encompassing your current situation and future plans


Reviewing your plans on a regular basis to ensure that these objectives are being met and taking account of any changes in your situation 

As part of our role, we aim to ensure that financial planning provides direction and meaning to each client’s financial decisions. To help clients understand how each financial decision they make affects other areas of their finances. By viewing each financial decision as part of a whole, we can help our clients to consider the short and long-term effects on their life goals and objectives. This is a holistic financial planning approach.


We provide a bespoke service which strives to improve financial security and fulfil clients’ needs and objectives.


This could include: 

We aim to provide our clients with the solutions they need when they need them.


In this fast-paced and ever-changing environment, more businesses and individuals now realise that they need to seek the advice of a qualified and dedicated professional firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). 

recommending and creating an investment portfolio

advising on pension strategies for retirement and retirement funding

inheritance tax planning

protection insurance

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