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Wealth Management Service

The Jacobs Financial Wealth Management Service (“WMS”) offers a fully integrated, internet-based proposition, designed to manage, monitor and report on clients’ entire collection of investment portfolios in an efficient manner. Only by investing in leading-edge online technology are we able to provide clients with the level of ongoing service, advice and support that we believe is valued.


WMS offers a truly flexible and holistic web-based portfolio management system.


This service can bring together all of a client’s new investments – shares, unit trusts, OEICs, PEPs, ISAs, Pensions, Bonds etc; along with investments which they may have made several years ago, all in one place, where they will be able to view them securely online whenever they like.


It will allow clients to log on using a secure password to see the performance of their investments.  We can hold all information, past and present, relating to their assets and investments in one place.  This allows us to make adjustments to clients’ investments using real-time information and the knowledge and understanding of their complete situation.


The Jacobs Financial Wealth Management Service also provides clients with access to a variety of managed funds and direct assets, which means we can ensure that investments are spread over various asset classes with a risk profile chosen by them.


The Jacobs Financial Wealth Management Service will simplify and speed up the planning, reporting and management of each client’s portfolio.  This means that we will spend less time dealing with paperwork and more time with our clients, which will result in us providing the best quality advice and ensuring a strong relationship built on trust. 

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